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World Cloud Hosting is web hosting and VPS hosting provider of Cloud solutions. Thanks to its experience, World Cloud Hosting is able to provide quality service and a high availability of its servers. Thus, the architecture of data centers to World Cloud Hosting provides optimum security and connectivity Permanente with a SLA of 99,9%.
The infrastructure of World Cloud Hosting's data centers consists on latest technology in computer equipments:

- Latest generation server
World Cloud Hosting servers have a 2TB storage capacity and a computing capacity of 8 core and 24 GB, ensuring resources dedicated to 100%

- Firewall
All World Cloud Hosting servers are protected by a latest generation firewall, guaranteeing maximum security against intrusion and hacking attacks on your Web Hosting servers or VPS Hosting servers

- Load Balancers
Instances of Load Balancing allows the distribution of server loads to avoid their overweight condition. So you can take full advantage of your vPrivate Server (VPS hosting), vSmart Server (VSS hosting) and vMinecraft Server (VMS hosting)

- Web Cluster
The instance of web cluster regroups all your web applications and web servers (Apache, CGI, php, ...) on multiple servers, allowing you to access your website even if one of them is down for maintenance

SSL Certificates

World Cloud Hosting offers you to secure your VPS Hosting solution or your Web Hosting solution and your Domain Name with SSL Certificates.
The SSL certificate allows the:
      - Server authentication
      - Confidentiality of data exchanged
      - Integrity of data exchanged

World Cloud Hosting offers four types of certificates :
      - The Alpha SSL certificate : authenticates the domain name (issued in few minutes)
      - The Domain SSL certificate : authenticates the domain name (issued in few minutes)
      - The Organization SLL certificate : authenticates the domain name and the company
      - The Extended SSL certificate : authenticates the domain name and the company and color the address bar in green - provides the highest level of confidence

The SSL certificatew are provided with some free options :
      - Strong encryption to 256 bits
      - Secures www. and without www. For example, a single certificate automatically will secure and
      - Unlimited server licenses included with every SSL certificate
      - 2048 bit root certificate allows a match for your certificates by all major browsers and mobile phones
      - Unlimited reissuance of the certificate during its validity

Free Features

Dedicated IP address
World Cloud Hosting offers a Static IP Address specific to your server. You can use this IP Address to connect to your hosted server without any IP conflict problems.
Instant Setup
After buying a server, the server delivery do not overtake few minutes. Every task is automated to accelerate the delivery.
DNS Management
World Cloud Hosting guarantees the management of any DNS servers sold to its customer. You'll not have to configure or to supervise them.
Control Panel
World Cloud Hosting proposes to its customers a control panel to help them in the setting and the configurations of their servers. This Control Panel is LxAdmin.
World Cloud Hosting offers MySql Databases. You can use them to accelerate the management of your data.
Cron Tasks
With the Cron Tasks, you can automate any redundant tasks like backups, server restart,...
Language of Linux Scripts
World Cloud Hosting proposes 3 script languages to configure your Linux server, and which are PHP 5, Perl and Python.


Network Availability
World Cloud Hosting guarantees a 99,9% Network Availability. You can reach your hosted server anytime and from everywhere.
High Availability
World Cloud Hosting data-centers are highly available. You can connect to your hosted server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
World Cloud Hosting certifies an unlimited monthly bandwidth of 100Mbps. You can transfer all the data, information and files you want, without any connection problem.
FTP Access
The FTP Servers (File Transfer Protocol) are servers which can be used to transfer and share files. You can transfer your files in FTP servers or save your Backups there. World Cloud Hosting offers access to FTP Servers.
Your server can support an unlimited Traffic. World Cloud Hosting doesn't limit the incoming and outgoing Traffic.


Every server proposed by World Cloud Hosting are protected by a Firewall to avoid all intrusions.
Filtering Sensitive Ports
It is a Security task to prevent all intrusions and hacking attacks in the sensitive ports of FTP servers, Mail servers,...
Full root Access
After buying a hosting server from World Cloud Hosting, you'll have a Full root Access and have a total control of your server without any access problems.