• Create your shop in colors
  • Offer your visitors a functional, attractive and simple showcase
  • Your shop is mobile compatible
  • Deal with your customers online

  • Choice of number of articles
  • Number of categories
  • 4 GB Web space
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  • 10,000 items
  • 1000 product
  • 25 GB Web space
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  • Unlimited number of items
  • Unlimited number of categories
  • 50 GB Web space
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Manage your store with ease

With SHOP-CONNECT new features, you can now manage your shop with a few clicks. Your catalog Update, inventory management, sales management, transaction management… nothing is out of control! SHOP-CONNECT offers

In addition to the management system, SHOP-CONNECT allow you to launch all new social sales concepts. Whether you are oriented to private-sales, flash sales, group sales, the system will handle all the necessary information, content management, deals, banners management...

Approach your customers online

Be specific and target your customers through successful e-marketing campaigns. With our 'analysis' rubric, you can launch new action plans based on statistics that describe the behavior of your customers and your prospects. Be catchy and retain more visitors by your messages, e-mails or well studied designs. Enjoy the power of our tools for continuously raising sales.

Your full color shop

Distinguish yourself with a shop in the colors of your own world. Whatever your field of activity is: Commerce, fashion, industry, craft or another, your e-commerce site will fit your area of expertise.
In addition, our team will take care of the realization of your store as soon as possible. You will have a site designed to help you stay within your business.

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I pay when I start selling *


Nothing to pay for the first 3 MONTHS


1 year for 60% **

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(**) Puis 48.32 $/mois TTC
(*) Commissions sur vente
Jusqu'à $ 6500 de CA : 4% de commission
De $ 6 500 à $ 13 000 de CA : 3 % de commission
De $ 13 000 à $ 19 000 de CA : 2 % de commission
De $ 19 000 à $ 25 000 de CA : 1 % de commission
Plus $ de 25 000 de CA : 0,5 % de commission