• Ensure a safe service
  • Manage your shop safely
  • Secure your transactions
Sending data protection
Emission immediate SSL
Security Domain NAME
Virtual Server I
SGC Security option
Technical assistance
Free inspection after installation
Virtual Server I
Free inspection after installation
Unified Communications
Unlimited number of transmissions
Virtual Server I
Green Address Bar
Compatibility with different browsers
Technical assistance

Raise the security level of your site, your customer loyalty and boost your sales with a user-friendly and secure.
We offer various payment methods, ensuring the

Manage your shop safely

  • You will hand over the management of user rights, privileges, and accounts receivable...
  • Proceed to update your shops: Online (E-Shop), Facebook (F-Boutique) and Mobile (M-Shop) safely
  • Grant access BACK OFFICE limited to directors of your choice

Secure your transactions

  • Integration kits banking transaction (paypal, paybox ...)
  • Authentication protocols and encryption (SSL / TPS, SSH ...)
  • Data security gateway directly to your BANK
  • A platform for direct monitoring of transactions
  • On-line identification technologies before any transaction approved