• Audit and consulting SEO, SEO...
  • Board design & graphic studio, Technical Integration
  • Security audit data and transactions
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Your shop is struggling, you sell more!!!
Our team is ready to take you by the hand to a significant achievement.
Discover a range of audit and consulting, ranging from the technical design through action plans and e-marketing.
Give a glow to your window, enter and be present in mobile social networks by taking full advantage of all the benefits of online communication.

My shop on the first step

  • Analysis of your keyword strategy
  • Audit your website 'In-Page'
  • Audit of your Backlinks

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I secure my transactions

  • Protect your confidential data
  • Make your online transactions
  • Integrate new security technologies.
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My Sales winning

  • Studies of the market (sales order, customer behavior ...)
  • Monitoring and analysis of sales promotion

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Get dressed my shop

  • Add new management features
  • Upgrade your shop: content management, design, technical sales...
  • Integrate new media online sales: Mobile, social,
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You defy all competition

  • Define the boundaries of your business
  • Analyze your sales various competitors (price, tour, strategy ...)
  • Enjoy a close support to better sell online

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