Unlimited Bandwidth


When someone access a website, download or upload something, watch a video on internet, there is a traffic of information incoming and outgoing between the PC and the web interface (or web application). These information are quantified with bytes (kilo-bytes, mega-bytes,...).

All these bytes needs a bridge to connect between the 2 entities. This bridge is called the Bandwidth.

A Bandwidth allows these bytes to travel between the 2 entities. But this bridge has limits. The accumulation of information could not exceed the bandwidth. If you have a traffic of 200Mbps (mega-bytes per second), the bandwidth must be equal or greater than the quantity of transmitted information. Otherwise, the connection will be interrupted.

Most Hosting providers will propose a limited Bandwidth. For example, they will propose 50GB of monthly bandwidth. That means that you cannot exceed a 50 giga-bytes of information incoming and outgoing from your server.

World Cloud Hosting offers to its customers an Unlimited Bandwidth. You can upload and download on your server, all the information, data and files you want. With World Cloud Hosting the connection will never be interupted.

With the unlimited bandwidth proposed by World Cloud Hosting, and if you have the adequate plan, you can use your server for all type of use. You can even create a streaming website (one of the most resourceful web application)

So join us and enjoy unlimited bandwidth and many other features!